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How to Check an USDOT Number

Whenever you are planning to hire a move, it is mandatory to know that they are registered, recognized by the government and are reliable. You don’t have to worry too much about this step because any good company will have USDOT number which will help you acquire all the details you need.

In some cases, it is referred to as the census number that the movers acquire. It helps identify them as legit and reliable. Whether you are going to move local to transfer to a completely new state doesn’t matter because when transporting valuable goods, it is mandatory to split the dupe companies from the good ones.

Using the USDOT Number Lookup

All the information you need can be acquired from the Motor Carrier Management Information System shortly known as the MCMIS. It delivers users a picture when request which contains a wide range of information including their registered address, the identification numbers and a detailed summary of the goods that they have helped transport in the past. It will also include a safety rating, a meter that helps you determine how safely they have transported goods in the past without damages or accidents. D.O.T. stands for Department of Transportation in the United States and any service provider registered with them are legitimate people.

Find the USDOT Number in the SAFER Page

The official SAFER administration page is where you should head to find the D.O.T. number of any company. While moving company reviews help you know what customers think of their services and how good they are, the first step is to secure yourself against scams. The quality of service could vary from one provider to another but when you consider your goods to be of high importance, you should check if they are registered to avoid losing them.

Finding the number is quite easy. Just head to the SAFER website where you will have a search column. Enter the name of the company or the identification number they have provided. If there are multiple companies in the same name, you can shortlist the right one based on the location in which you found their office. The operating status matters a lot. If it says it is Registered, then they have been active continuously. Any breaks will be notified as ‘Out of Service Date’.

Power Units is a term used to specify the number of vehicles a company own. It will also be specified in the snapshot along with the drivers they own. In Operation Classification page, the Auth for Hire should be marked and Carrier Operation specifies the activities they are allowed to do. It could be local, Interstate or international which will let you know their limits.

You can also consider checking their safety ratings. Apart from the USDOT Number, the Better Business Bureau and American Moving and Storage Association are reliable places to confirm the legitimacy of a moving company. Once you come up with satisfied results here, read through customer ratings and reviews before hiring the said company.

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What to know when moving out for the first time?

Moving out of your home which has been your identity for such a long time isn’t easy. You may feel intimidated and might feel restless. Avoid such hassles by hiring a professional moving company who will help you with the task, allowing you to feel comfortable when the relocation happens. You could be a young man or woman who’s bidding goodbye to your parents to live on your own for the first time. Or, you could be selling your twenty year old home because you found a new job in a different city and it’s time to move on. While a service provider will understand that you are emotionally stressed to leave your beloved place and be in a different environment, they can do their job with finesse to ensure that all your personal belongings are in their best condition. They will be packed, labelled and delivered to your new address in a short time. Knowing some important tips will allow you to comfortable make the move.

Knowing your destination is important because all instant moving quotes are provided based on how far your items have to be moved. Before you decide to go and meet a mover, make sure you have finalized your residential address and have the basic details to provide. The location’s distance, the county and the number of items to be transferred will play an integral role in determining the cost. Once the place is confirmed, the next thing that you should know is whether you will be taking care of some of the packing or you need labor to help you out with the entire process. You can always seek help from your friends or neighbor to assist in packing things. Keep a label handy so as to name each box based on the room. It will avoid a lot of confusion once they are unloaded in the new place.

The most important of them all to know before you move out for the first time is the budget associated with the same. Make sure you shortlist some of the best full service movers in your locality, had them visit your home to provide an in house quote and plan your budget ahead. Finding a good mover is mandatory because you don’t want to wait with all your goods packed on relocation day, only to find them missing in action. On moving day, make sure you have a couple of friends, colleagues or your neighbors help you out because the task could get hectic if you try to do it all alone. Based on the amount of items to move in your home, hire extra labor which the movers will usually take care of and will add it to your billing. When professionals handle the job, your important stuff are in safe hands and even in case of any damage, you will be able to claim them from insurance. Once in your new home, never try to unpack everything at once. Take your own time, preferably in a weekend to unwrap them and set them up.

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Packing Tips For Moving Overseas

Compared to packing and moving to a new neighborhood, relocating to an entirely new country could be a daunting task if you fail to plan it well ahead. While finding the right long distance movers is the most important step of them all, you should also know how to how to pack your goods when planning to transfer them over such long distances. While packing, spend time to categorize your items and remove the junk that you have been keeping too long. In any household, it is easy to get carried away when you spend a couple of years in the same location. You may have purchased more items than you need throughout the years which accumulates and turns into heavy luggage during relocation. Consider dumping things that you don’t require which will save a lot of space. People should consider scaling down as much as possible before they call in a representative to provide an in-home estimate. The chief categories that every residence has include furniture, electronic equipment, clothing, papers and medication. Most goods in your household will fall under any one of this category but if you find stuff that don’t fit in there, you can always categorize them appropriately.

Packing Your Furniture

Before you pack all your furniture, consider whether you really need them. If you are planning to go for a fully furnished home overseas, you can consider selling them for half-rates or in a local shop that would help you get rid of them. The ones that you are planning to transport should be cleaned before they are shipped and it is advisable to wrap them up using strong cardboard papers. Some consumers use bubble wraps to protect the edges of their furniture which is not advisable because they will make them bigger and tougher to load or unload during transportation. Pick only those that are really expensive or have sentimental value in your life. The list could include dining set, television stands, couch, living room accessories among others.

Packing Your Electronic Equipment

The number of electronic equipment has significantly improved in modern day homes. They might incur higher Instant moving quotes based on their size and weight. You should always consider packing them using non-electro static paper, especially components related to computers. Never bundle them all together in the same box. An electronic equipment such as a computer or home entertainment system may collide within if you try to put them all in the same box. It is always wise to detach the components, remove the connecting cables and pack them in individual boxes before shipping.

Packing Your Clothes and Other Essentials

A common mistake that most customers make is trying to push every cloth into a big carton and ship it. While it is bit frustrating to pack them individually, you should know the fact that clothing acquires little space when they are ironed and neatly packed in a row. Avoid stuffing them into random bags that you could find. Consult a moving company that would provide you complete assistance and help you move abroad with ease.

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