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Affordable Movers

Being a long distance move, I expected it to be quite expensive. But, full service vanlines are affordable movers who got the job done in just a week's time without burning a hole in my wallet. There were some huge items in my household including a huge home theater system. The guys took proper care of everything, especially the fragile ones when loading them in the truck. The good thing about their affordable rates is that I had spare cash that helped me cover toll fee, taxes and additional freight charges in the new destination. It wouldn't have been possible if not for these people. I really like to thank them for all the services they have rendered and the patience they displayed throughout the move, even when they had to spend an additional hour to load them all. If anyone is looking for an affordable yet quality service, I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Extremely Satisfied

We have hired Full Service Van lines once and this is our second time. Last time, it was a quick move within the neighborhood and the items were of limited quantities. However, this was a large interstate move which the people handled with professional expertise. My husband suggested them because all of us were extremely satisfied with the service offered last time. The goods were in perfect condition when they delivered it to us and the movers took extra care of fragile items. We have hired Full Service Van lines once and this is our second time. Last time, it was a quick move within the neighborhood and the items were of limited quantities. However, this was a large interstate move which the people handled with professional expertise. My husband suggested them because all of us were extremely satisfied with the service offered last time. The goods were in perfect condition when they delivered it to us and the movers took extra care of fragile items.

Best college movers in Florida

I had enough problems already and being on a tight budget, it was not easy for me to find a mover who could offer a ride. But, thank god! Full service van lines came out of the blue and helped pack the goods, load as well as deliver them in the new venue. Without a doubt, I would say they are the best college movers in Florida. The guys who helped me pack were really friendly and we even had Pizza together after the job was complete. I did tip them generously because I saved a lot. The expenses to get my goods moved were much lower than I anticipated which was greatly relieving. If you are looking to move to college, look no further because these guys are the best at what they do. They offer amazing services, are patient and go the extra mile to ensure the job is done.

It was a smooth move!

The crew was so professional that we were surprised at their efficiency and their ability to get the job done earlier than expected. In the past decade, we have hired piano moving services at least thrice. But, the level of competence displayed by Full Service Van Lines was exceptionally high. My wife was convinced that we should hire this company after reading the positive reviews. After all, those who have ample experience was supposed to handle things in a professional manner.

The people, I am not sure about their names, satisfied us to the core. I remember this one guy named Jake who kept instructing everyone on how to move the piano. While it is natural for us to get tensed during the move, their expertise gave us the much needed assurance. It was a smooth move! I would wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone and have already suggested the company to one of my friends. Thank you guys!

the best international moving company

Because of my wife’s career, we had to put up with international moves from time to time. Our last experience wasn’t the best which made us allergic to relocation but this time, when we had to shift from Miami, Florida to a completely different country Malaysia. Things were much better. It’s not because we started compromising on quality but managed to find the best international moving company because of Full Service Van Lines. The website provided all the information that a customer would ever need and we are now one of their happy patrons! Right from shortlisting the services required that would help us travel to Malaysia to reading customer reviews and negotiating prices were made easy as the site provided us with ample information. When you are bombarded with info, it’s obvious that the relocation process wasn’t as tedious as it was supposed to be. I guess a lot of people could now benefit from their services.

I will surely recommend Full Service Van Lines

I know that the internet is full of information and moving from Hallandale Beach to India shouldn't be a problem. We could just find the companies and talk to them before finalizing the right one. But, it wasn't easy as time was less and we had to have all the information in one place. It came as a pleasant surprise when I landed at the Full Service Van Lines. There are so many movers but professional and reliable ones are very few. I can confidently support them and credit them as one of the best companies for international relocation. Before, I assumed that they are best only within the U.S. but after experiencing their services for international relocation, I can say these are the best people you could hire for your long distance moves. They have even won the best company award in 2014. I will surely recommend them to everyone I know.

Satisfactory Experience

I was apprehensive when moving my stuff with an international mover because there were so many of them and it was difficult to make a final choice. When I started spending time on the web, researching for the best company, it just grew guiding me into a trial of links as individual searches consumed a lot of time.
Fortunately, I came across this amazing website that helped me get all the services and reviews I need to read under one roof. I like to heartily thank the full service van lines who helped me move my stuff from Florida to India. This is easily one of the longest moves but the professional experts handled it with utmost care and had vast knowledge on international shipping that facilitated the job to be done in a seamless manner. I felt assured to trust my goods with them and it was an exceedingly satisfactory experience on the whole. Thanks again!

I would use them again

I received a quote from this company and decided to go with them as they had the lowest price and best reviews of all the other options. They moved my belongings from fort lauderdale to new york city. The movers showed up on time, were quick and efficient, and the delivery was seamless. I would use them again if I needed other times to be transported.

Great Company

I am happy to report that this was the easiest move I've ever had. Total honesty and professionals. My driver was ** and he wrapped, protected and moved me with ease. Great Company among the sea of sharks out there. Highly recommend this company.

Recommended Moving Company

I was a little skeptical at first as I found Full Service from a Google search not a personal reference.. With that being said the crew fully packed all my belongings (including 2 full walk in closets, floor to ceiling mirror, multiple framed wall hangings and 2 china sets) effortlessly and quickly. They unpacked into my new condo with ease and I could not be more relieved at how easy they made moving all my breakables and over-sized items. Also price point was a huge pro. I would recommend Full Service for anyone needing a move that requires much attention to detail.

Thanks guys

Full service van lines handled my stuffs very carefully. I had some trophies, I won in the past through participating soccer. Those were also moved with other furniture with great security! It was an interstate move. I had nothing to complain. I was constantly in contact. All my items were packed no matter how small was the size. So the delivery was outstanding that I expected. Thanks Full service. It was really a safe move.

Guys, call them!!

From California to Florida – not a short distance. Full service van lines made my day happy with amazing move. I feel very proud to be a continuous customer of this company. Yes! Last three years I hired none but this company. Did several successful short distant moves. This time hired them for an interstate move to my new place. I knew their price was always competitive. They never hide any secret. Everything is done in planned way. Never found discrepancies in packing or unloading service. Delivery is on time as usual with no missing or damaged stuffs. Movers are always in great manner. I really love the company and will be with them any time. It is the most reputed company so far I guess. Guys, don’t be late. Call them!

Excellent Moving Company

My son just bought his new apartment and needed some of his belongings. We never needed to send much stuff; it was just some bits of furniture that he was very attached to and some boxes containing his belongings he required urgently. I chose to hire full service van lines; we have used this company even in the past and have been happy with the services they provide. They were honest as usual in asking what needed to be transported and gave us a quote instantly. They even waved off some charges due to our past association and as customer loyalty. We agreed for the goods to be picked up and delivered on the weekend itself. The distance of the move made it possible to arrange the transfer within the due course of time. The pickup and the drop were done as planned and my son was happy to have received his belongings on time. Thank you guys for an excellent service.

I had a wonderful experience

I had a wonderful experience. All of my communications were clear concise and timely. My pick up they arrived before the scheduled time and it took them a minimal amount of time to get everything packed up securely and really really nicely as well as. I was given a delivery date they just showed up on the delivery day despite weather issues they kept my new place clean upon delivery putting things where I asked them to put them in even moving a couple things. They were courteous and professional. I had no surprises I had no heat ups I had zero problems I would totally use them again.

Keep up the good work

I have used them twice now and have found the service second to none. Nothing is ever too much hassle and you never hear any complain. They always do an exceptional job that I have to say is not always a given in moving sector. In our first move, I didn't have to lift a finger, all our furniture and valuables were taken care of and on arrival we were asked where each piece of furniture was to go in the new house, so we didn’t have to move the furniture after they left. These guys are expert in every sense of the word; I would gladly recommend them to anyone. It’s unusual for me to keep a business card from a moving company; in this case it really paid off. As and when we require assistance again, these guys are now in my phone. Keep up the good work.

They are just PERFECT

Its full service van lines which is my favorite mover since long. I can only depend on them. They are always trusted, efficient and dedicated to their service and clients demand. I hired them a number of times. Had some nice experience with their movers! Last time it was the Christmas vacation. I called them over phone and one of their agents took my order and confirmed the moving program. From 9 am to 2 pm loading was awesome!! They took care even of a slight single mattress. They satisfied me at last as usually! Safely reached and securely unloaded all stuffs from truck. In one word they are just PERFECT. So thank you Full service!

Go ahead Full service van lines!

Go ahead Full service van lines! I fixed my moving date with them on 2nd of this month. This was a cheap and affordable move for me. I was not satisfied with my last moving company. My two cousins recommended me for Full service van lines. Their crews were genius. Every piece of items were packed very quickly. There were total of 21 boxes of mine. Each of them was so heavy. I was not disappointed at all with their service. Very professional at both pickup and delivery end. I am going to use them next time.

Great team

We had accumulated many years of 'stuff' in our old house, which was quite large, including many outdoor pots and equipment, to be moved into a much smaller property. Full service van lines packed it all into a truck, your team worked fast, were very friendly and helpful, and we did not have a single problem or breakage. All items were unloaded safely and placed where directed. We will definitely use you again in the future. Great team, thanks.

The best company; no doubt

I have moved a lot across the entire country because of the nature of my job. My office pays the expenses of the moves. I tried many different movers but never got a decent move. So, last time while moving to Miami, FL from San Jose, CA I decided to go with the most reputed company in business. I found full service van lines as the best ranked movers and called them. Their sales rep was very responsive and attentive, he sent the estimator at my place, and the guy was very precise in his quote and also made the inventory list. Movers arrived on time at the moving day, they showed their skills and applied their experience during packing and loading, driver kept on touch with me until he reached at the other end. We received all our valuables in great condition and well within the schedule. Full service van lines is not the cheapest but surely they deserve every single penny. Hats off!

Most reliable and affordable

I used full service van lines just 2 days back. After experiencing their great service and price I became a fan of them. But I did not know about them. When my friend Rez recommended their name to me, I decided to have a go with them. Now I am happy because of my decision of using full service van lines. Movers arrived on time and they delivered more than what I was looking for. They seemed to be very confident and focused. The way they managed the entire move and handled the odds deserves to be appreciated. It was a very professionally executed move. I have to admit that I got a lot more than what I paid to them.

My moving heroes

This company is not an ordinary company because they have the best moving team. I heard a lot about full service van lines before suing them. My cousin told me about this company and gave me their phone number. I called at their office, the sales guy was very responsive and informative, he sent the estimator at my place that came and made the inventory list and the estimate was very precise. I had to change the moving date twice but they did really well to accommodate the changes and never asked for any additional fees. However, the move went really smooth. Movers packed everything to my satisfaction, loading and unloading were very fast and accurate and the delivery was made before the allotted time. After checking the inventory I just had to thank them. Really, such perfection is rare these days. Thanks a lot guys for the awesome service.

Highly skilled movers

Movers of full service van lines are highly skilled. They are not amateurs. They know how to manage a tough move within the deadline and budget. I used them when I relocated to Georgia from Florida and they did a great job for me. I was not at all hoping to have a perfect move because of the horrible stories that I heard from others. But fortunately I was lucky enough to have them for the move. I am very impressed with their price as well. This is a very good company. I am recommending them.


I would say that the movers were playing with my move because they seemed to have in complete control over the move and I am sure that they were enjoying their job. The way they treated the entire move was no less than a wonder. Movers were moving the super heavy furniture, vulnerable stuffs, glass shelves, sensitive show pieces as if they are superman! It was simply a great move by these movers. They did not even let me feel the heat of the move. Everything was done according to the plan and perfectly.

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