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Aug 31, 2015
Being a long distance move, I expected it to be quite expensive. But, full service vanlines are affordable movers who got the job done in just a week's time...

Rento of Tampa

Moving Tips

Moving could be a pleasant and a memorable affair when you have everything set in place. Just be prepared to move on the said date. If you like to avoid any last minute hassles and need a tension free relocation, read the moving tips that we have provided below. They will surely give you a brief idea on the things you should do and you shouldn’t do when going to a new residence. Before you do all the physical work, make sure you prepare your family mentally and if there are kids or young adults in your home, prepare them by giving them some advice. Instead of doing everything for them, help them pack their own goods and make sure you label them with a marker so that it is easy to unpack in the new location.

Pick Out Essentials

Most people find it difficult when moving and storage with their essentials because you will usually lose track of what has to be done. Missing your basics will obviously lead to frustration which is why it is always advisable to pack them all in a separate hand bag. Keep it away from other boxes to be moved. Some of the items that should go in this bag include your laptop, dressing table items, perfume, notebooks, tablets, phones and so on. Everything that you use on a daily basis should go here. It will help you keep them handy and also not lose important ones when the job is being carried out.

Pack Earlier

In most households, there will be plenty of items that you hardly use. Instead of packing them at the last moment start off early and put them in boxes. It will save a lot of time when labors from the moving company arrive because they could directly focus on your furniture, home theater system, glassware among other huge items. Buy multiple boxes either from the company you are hiring or you can also get it from the local supermarket or places where they would be ready to happily dispose boxes.

Use Supplies

You can either choose to include supplies along with free moving quotes or can purchase them separately. There's also an option to save on spending too much on bubble wraps by using clothes to cover your glassware and dishes. It is easy and will double up so that you can keep all your clothes as well as lots of dishes in the same box. Just inform the company representatives so that they could move it cautiously.

These are just some of the good tips that you could make use of and there is always lot more. Always go for a company that has good experience in moving goods and have served a number of customers in the past.

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