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Aug 31, 2015
Being a long distance move, I expected it to be quite expensive. But, full service vanlines are affordable movers who got the job done in just a week's time...

Rento of Tampa

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is a great option for residential and commercial users who are planning to move to a new location, but require a temporary storage space to keep their valuable goods. The professional movers offer you a solution that is highly reliable, secure and easy to access any time as you need them. The trucks can be used to keep your household or business items as long as you are set in your new location to receive them.

Things To Store

While you have the freedom required to store almost any item, it is advisable to choose the right products and keep them in the portable storage units which will provide you good value for your investment. The most commonly stored items include long sofas, large furniture items, china cabinets, rugs, huge toys, motorcycles, kayaks and surfing boards among other electronic equipment. Keeping all these items require a secure space which is why all our trucks are completely designed with smooth walls. They strongly avoid any scratches to your furniture and other belongings while on the move. It is also spaciously designed so that you can keep a lot of goods in the same truck which is cost effective and also promotes easy access whenever there is a need to access them.

Instead of plywood, the trucks are equipped with clean metal floors and as these vehicles are primarily used for mobile storage, they also have cargo straps to keep the packaged goods firmly in place. When you go for the services offered by our company, you not only get the vehicle to keep your belongings but also all the necessary supplies which makes packing easy. With the container, you will also receive packing materials, tapes, boxes, furniture pads to secure them firmly, custom built crates to hold goods of different sizes and so on. The additional value added feature has been positively reviewed by a lot of customers because it saves them money spent in purchasing these supplies individually and also helps them save time spent in buying them earlier.

Practical Advantages

Be it record storage or mobile storage, when you avail these services, you get a lot of practical benefits including the ability to keep the container anywhere you like. The moving company provide you the option to park it near your residence till moving day or you can also let them safeguard it in their own facility. You can now move anywhere in your locality at your own pace without having to worry about keeping your goods safe somewhere. The option is a great choice for people who are supposed to vacate their current residence or company but are still not set with the new venue due to various factors.

With the moving and storage company, you can also hire optional services to make things much easier for you. The services offered include extra boxes, packing supplies, labor support to load the goods inside, cargo insurance for your items and unloading labor. The experts will be there at the venue on your appointed date. Move to your new home or office with ease!

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