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Aug 17, 2015
We have hired Full Service Van lines once and this is our second time. Last time, it was a quick move within the neighborhood and the items were of limited quantities...

Michael of New York

Moving Areas

A reputable company will cover a wide radius and moving areas are plenty which will most probably have your desired location in it. Before you sign a contract with a company, you should always look into some of the essential factors. The basic things include reputation of the organization, customer satisfaction, punctuality, pricing and flexibility in offering different plans. Here’s how you shortlist the best one.

Customer Reviews

An easy way to shortlist the right full service van lines is to go through customer reviews that you can find in many third party websites. There are many of them which will help you gather an idea about the quality of the service being offered. Before you come to a conclusion, make sure you read both positive and negative reviews. If the negatives are many, you can cross check the same in other websites. When there are mostly pros about the organization, just double check the same and you are good to go.

Package Deals

A good company should always be versatile enough to meet customer needs. While some may have pre-designed packages, most would always talk to the customer and create custom packages based on their requirements. You can specify whether you are moving your residence or office and specify the approximate quantity of goods in your premises. The more they are, the higher the package price will be but you may be able to get special discounts or value added services for the cost. Go through the packages and if the company gives you good ones that suits your expectations, they are good and you can sign up with them.


Instant moving quotes is the quickest way to know the costs involved in relocation before you short list the company. It can either be acquired through a telephone call or from their official website. But, the only disadvantage is that they are not the most accurate. If you want an exact pricing, invite a customer care representative who will visit your home, calculate the number of rooms and specify a price. If the quotes are reasonable, you can trust them. In some cases, when the pricing is too high or unbelievably low, it could be some sort of moving scam which you should stay away from.

Packing Tips

Hiring a moving company is the most important step in relocation but being a customer, you should also know the art of packing your goods. Get ready days earlier and gather the packing supplies. You can get retail boxes for free from your supermarket while other stuff like markers and packing tapes might most probably be found in your residence. Buy extras if the quantity is too less and start packing unused items earlier to save time. You can also use markers to name boxes after packing them which should make things easier while unloading them in the new address. Keep extra quantities of bubble wraps, cartons and different sized boxes which should make it easy to bundle your items. Notify the movers of special items and fragile goods.

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