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Aug 31, 2015
Being a long distance move, I expected it to be quite expensive. But, full service vanlines are affordable movers who got the job done in just a week's time...

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Just plan your move and confirm a service provider. As the day nears, you will easily realize that it has started taking toll on your daily routine as well as on your bank account. While paying their final bill is mandatory, you should also know the fact that there will plenty of extra costs associated with it. Get Houston movers to help you move to a new location or an entirely different city but while doing so, follow these simple steps so you could save some extra bucks.

Proposed budget

Based on the location you are planning to go, the cost of moving will vary. When you hire a professional and reputed Houston moving company to assist you throughout the task, which could usually cost a couple of thousands of dollars but it is definitely worth it. The service provider has continuous experience in helping customers like you relocate every day and they will be able to render the same professionalism to your need as well. You can always use the available insurance to your advantage but consult with the company to reduce costs wherever possible.

Save on Supplies

If you ask the company to bring you all the necessary supplies, they will readily do so. For those who find it within their budget and easy to afford, it is wise to go for the option because it saves time and work, especially if you are stuck in last minute office stuff. But, others who could spare a little time should do some research to know if they could find more supplies for cheaper cost. You can request the local supermarket to give you some for free. They are usually more than ready to get rid of excessive boxes which will reduce costs. You can also try buying them online. They are available in different categories like starter kits, three bedroom kits and so on.

Save on Labor

This part is really simple! When getting instant moving quotes, you can ask them to split up the costs and specify the cost for labor. It is a really useful service where you get the necessary manpower to pack, life and load heavy items. Most homes where there are young kids and parents, it is not possible to pack on their own. You can save some money on labor by seeking help from your neighbors and friends. Make sure you invite enough number of people especially if the number of furniture in your household is high and needs some heavy lifting. Plan things accordingly and you could just give them a simple party to compensate the work they render.

Plan your stay

The day before moving is always tough because you would have packed all your furniture, essentials as well as beds. You can consider going to a hotel or motel which is what most people do but it involves travel costs and room rent. Instead, you can buy some sleeping bags and get some rest in the living room. For meals, try sit-in restaurants for lunch and takeaways for dinner.

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